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Aid and Subsidies

The Public Administration finances business projects indirectly, by providing funds through grants and aids for entrepreneurs and SMEs. To access these funds, applicants must meet certain requirements, which can vary depending on the help requested.

​When requesting a grant, the process must be followed exactly. Failure to respect the steps can lead to avoidable errors and ultimately may lead to loss of access to the desired funds.

Our process involves preparing a Technical Project appropriate to the call for funding requests, without losing sight of our objectives and interests.

​It is essential to plan, monitor and evaluate the project, in order to know which data will make the most impact. This allows us to help justify actions taken and investments made.

What can we do for you?

  • Conceptualise a good project.

  • Find an appropriate public funding source and present your project in response to the call.

  • If the proposal is accepted and funding has been approved, we will help adapt the project according to the additional requirements.

  • We continue providing guidance during the implementation of the project.

  • Present the justification of the actions and investments made.

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